Q inc.

No songs for this band.

from the depths of hell, we all rise from different levels of the everlasting flames. Standing before each other, we come together to combine our instrumental talents to make such beautfiul noise. a noise like a angel playing a harp. cept in metal form. as we unite, songs begin to form and we begin to take over the world, annhialating all mainstream, poppy, emo poooopy music. as al rico thrashes on his black beauty, drew rips it up on his crimson axe. during this mayhem, matt and his 4 piece rumble the surface with his speed drumming. after all hell breaks loose, the 3 Black knights and the Misstress jumble a bunch of words together, and scream. all screams on different pitchs, coming together to burn your ear drum. when put together with everything, it forms Q inc. We thrash, mosh, kill and destroy. We do destroy vale! we leave nothing left. blood n guts everywhere. so cum see our shows whenever they are, and you will be sacraficed. thanks and have a nice day! :)